Hello, I'm Tina, mama to Teddy and founder of Conscious Koala. Looking after the environment has always been important to me, but when I found myself heavily pregnant, looking up at skies thick with smoke, at the height of the Australian bushfire crisis, I knew I had to do something to help. Struggling to find sustainable clothing options for my son, I wondered if there was a different way of doing things... and so, Conscious Koala was born.


At Conscious Koala, sustainability is at the heart of our values. Our mission is to tread as lightly as we can on this beautiful planet, so each step we take has been carefully considered, from compostable packaging, to plant based laundering products, to working with strictly ethical manufacturers, who share our vision for a better world.


We operate on the principles of a circular economy, which means that we aim to eliminate waste and pollution, by keeping products and materials in use. Babies grow quickly! Restocking your little one’s wardrobe every couple of months is not only expensive, but has a significant environmental impact. With Conscious Koala, you’ll always have the right sized baby clothes and our circular subscription model gives used clothes a new life with another family. 


Good for bub, good for the planet


Ethically made. We are careful to work with ethical suppliers who care about our planet and the people living on it. Our clothes are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, which is the toughest organic standard, and our manufacturer enforces strict environmental and social standards. No sweatshops here! 

Environmentally friendly. By renting rather than buying baby clothes, you can reduce your environmental footprint by up to 80%. And since we’ve designed our clothes with longevity in mind, bub will be dressed in the very best quality organic cotton – so what’s good for bub, is good for the planet! 

No chemicals. During production, clothes are coloured with natural dyes and are not treated with bleach or any other toxic substances. Between cycles, clothes are washed in plant-based detergent, so we ensure that no nasty chemicals are making their way on to your little one’s delicate skin or into our atmosphere.

Zero waste. The most important part of all is that you’re helping keep clothes out of Australia’s overflowing landfills. Aussies buy an average of 27 kg of new textiles each year and then discard 23 kg into landfill, where it may never break down. Conscious Koala enables clothes for fast-growing babies to be re-used within our community – and whatever we can’t re-use, we recycle.

  • Ethical

  • Organic

  • Sustainable